Understanding Monofilament Tests for Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis

Peripheral neuropathy, characterized by sensory loss, is a serious concern for individuals, particularly those with conditions like diabetes. One of the pivotal tools in diagnosing this condition is the monofilament test. Here, we delve into the significance of monofilament tests and explore the range of options available, including McKesson's innovative 10g pack.


Peripheral neuropathy affects millions worldwide, often causing sensory deficits that can lead to severe complications like diabetic foot ulcers. Timely diagnosis is critical for effective management and prevention of such complications. Enter the monofilament test, a simple yet effective tool for assessing sensory loss in peripheral neuropathy.

Understanding Monofilament Tests:

Monofilament tests involve the application of a thin filament to various points on the skin, primarily the feet, to assess the ability to perceive touch. The filament exerts a specified amount of pressure, and patients are asked to indicate whether they feel the pressure at each point. Absence of sensation at specific points indicates neuropathic deficits.

Versatility of Monofilament Kits:

Monofilament tests come in various forms, from individual filaments to comprehensive kits designed for sensory testing. These kits cater to diverse diagnostic needs, offering options for testing sensory function in both hands and feet, as well as targeting specific diseases. They typically include monofilaments of different strengths, ranging from 1.65 to 6.65, allowing for precise evaluation across a spectrum of sensory thresholds.

Popular Monofilament Test Sets:

Among the array of monofilament test sets available, McKesson stands out for its quality and innovation. Their 10g pack, in particular, has gained popularity for its efficacy and convenience. This pack contains monofilaments calibrated to exert 10 grams of force, making it suitable for assessing protective sensation in patients at risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers. Its ergonomic design and ease of use make it a preferred choice among healthcare professionals for routine screening and monitoring.

McKesson Monofilament Sensory Test 10 Gram - 10G Filament

The McKesson Monofilament Sensory Test 10g pack offers a comprehensive solution for peripheral neuropathy assessment. Each pack includes a set of monofilaments precisely calibrated to deliver 10 grams of force, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Whether used individually or as part of a comprehensive sensory testing kit, these monofilaments provide a simple yet effective means of identifying patients at risk of neuropathic complications.


Monofilament tests play a crucial role in diagnosing peripheral neuropathy, offering a simple yet effective means of assessing sensory deficits. With options ranging from individual filaments to comprehensive kits, healthcare professionals can tailor their diagnostic approach to suit specific patient needs. Among these options, McKesson's 10g pack stands out for its precision and convenience, making it a valuable tool in the early detection and management of neuropathic conditions.

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