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(516) 234-0234. (Yes, that's really our number). Call or text us 24/7. We also have connections throughout the world to source whatever you need. Use us once, and you'll never use another supplier again.

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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders! We're based out of New York, so expect fast (and by fast, we mean lightning-fast) shipping.

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We accept all returns from 14 days of delivery, no questions asked. We offer 100% refunds. NO RESTOCKING FEES.

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Discover unparalleled convenience as you navigate through our thoughtfully stocked shelves, ensuring that you have access to the finest tools for your facility. Whether you're a healthcare professional seeking top-tier supplies or a patient looking for reliable products, our comprehensive selection and unwavering quality standards make us the go-to destination.

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We have countless reviews and ratings that are 5 stars. Our custom service is second to none, with responses to ALL inquiries within 24 hours. Our favorite and most common compliment is always regarding our custom service. Customer care is available 24/7 via text, email or phone.