Discover the Power of Sterile Abdominal Pads: Your Ultimate Wound Care Solution

Are you seeking premium-quality wound care solutions that prioritize hygiene and effectiveness? Look no further than McKesson's sterile abdominal pads! Our comprehensive guide will delve into the world of these super-absorbent pads, offering insights into their composition, benefits, and why they're essential for maintaining a healthy wound environment.

Key Features of Our Sterile Abdominal Pads

  1. Advanced Absorption Technology: Crafted from a combination of non-woven outer fabric and inner cellulose tissue, our sterile abdominal pads boast super-absorbent qualities. This innovative design ensures optimal fluid absorption, keeping the wound site dry and promoting faster healing.

  2. Maximum Moisture Barrier: Ideal for wounds of varying sizes, our ABD pads offer a superior moisture barrier, preventing the entry of contaminants and reducing the risk of infection. By collecting fluid efficiently, these pads maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the wound to heal.

  3. Quick Wicking Action: Our sterile abdominal pads feature sealed edges for enhanced protection. With rapid wicking capabilities, these pads swiftly draw moisture away from the wound site, minimizing the risk of leakage and ensuring comfort for the patient.

  4. Lint-Free Design: We understand the importance of uninterrupted healing. That's why our moisture-wicking pads are lint-free, ensuring that granulating tissues can regenerate without interference. Say goodbye to concerns about pad particles sticking to the wound, allowing for seamless healing.

Optimal Size and Sterility

Our sterile abdominal pads come in a standard size of 5 inches x 9 inches, offering ample coverage for various wound types. Whether you're treating surgical incisions, burns, or lacerations, our pads provide the perfect fit for effective wound management. Additionally, their sterile nature guarantees a hygienic environment, minimizing the risk of infections and complications.

Why Choose Our Sterile Abdominal Pads?

  1. Superior Quality: We prioritize quality and effectiveness in all our products. Our sterile abdominal pads undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistency and reliability.

  2. Enhanced Comfort: Designed with patient comfort in mind, our pads offer a soft and gentle texture, promoting comfort during wear. Patients can experience relief knowing that their wounds are being cared for with the utmost attention to comfort and safety.

  3. Trusted Performance: With a reputation for excellence in wound care, our sterile abdominal pads are trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have experienced the benefits of our top-tier wound care solutions.


Investing in premium-quality wound care products is essential for promoting optimal healing and preventing complications. Our McKesson sterile abdominal pads offer the perfect blend of absorption, comfort, and hygiene, making them a must-have for any medical setting. Elevate your wound care practices today and experience the difference with our superior sterile abdominal pads.

Ready to experience the power of sterile abdominal pads for yourself? Browse our selection of high-quality pads and take the first step towards exceptional wound care.

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